The Momprenuer

So You Want To be a “Mompreneur.”

Most don’t equate motherhood with entrepreneurship but for many new moms it leads to just that. It’s a struggle to balance being a mother, spouse and business owner. However, most women strive to make a better life for themselves and their family, therefore, they find themselves working from home for someone else or for themselves.

After I had my first child, I was content with being a stay-at-home mom, but began to want to feel more vital (as if rearing 2 children wasn’t enough) so I began to fall in love with the idea that if I became a mompreneur, my children would grow up to learn through observation that I’m not just a mom, and that no matter what they face in this life, the sky is the limit and they are always capable of more. 

My first thought was “how am I going to start this business with a three year old toddler and a new born?” The business that I wanted to start wouldn’t allow for taking small children along. After careful consideration, I decided to grow my business slowly because development had to be planned around rearing my children. So the older that they became, the more free time I would have to dedicate to the growth of my business.

Key factors when considering your business venture: 1) envision a solid business idea; no narrow vission allowed [it may not be a model idea that’s never been thought of, but it’s what you desire to do] 2) create a business plan [financial education is power--take a class if needed, but you need to learn how money works, create a plan and be decisive] 3) be dedicated to your profession [if you aren’t dedicated, don’t expect anyone else to pound out the pavement to make you successful] 5) Work smart not hard [Exercise your brain and find a nitch, you don't have to have a passion for the business just the business owner] 4) don’t be afraid to soar [fear or greed can't be your primary reason for making money. What you believe to be a grand idea may not work the first time, but there are always other options; franchise, new business model]. With that said, recover and ascend again. Lastly, never be afraid to share information with other entrepreneurs because you never know what valuable resources you can gain from a conversation.